Maths & Verbal Reasoning Courses for 11 Plus in Watford

Quality of teaching & course materials guaranteed


All Maths and Verbal Reasoning (Literacy) classes are taught by qualified Maths and English teachers.


Class sizes are small (max. 10 students) and each class will also get help from a teaching assistant.


Pupils get weekly classwork booklets and homework booklets for both Maths and Verbal Reasoning (Literacy) specific to the lesson materials for that week.


Year 5 pupils benefit from monthly 11 plus practice exams, which will be carefully analysed and test reports sent to parents.


Year 4 pupils benefit from monthly enrichment activities, which are designed to build up students' enjoyment of the subject, their creative thinking and investigative skills.


11+ Year 5 Course

Our Year 5 11 plus preparation courses include 2 hours of lessons (1 hour Maths and 1 hour Verbal Reasoning) each week covering everything your child needs to pass the 11 plus entrance exams.

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Year 4 Foundation Course

Our Year 4 foundation courses include 2 half-hour lessons (Maths and Literacy - building up to Verbal Reasoning), focusing on foundation knowledge, pace and accuracy, giving your child a head start towards success.

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Mock exams

Our Year 5 Preparation Course includes monthly practice exams. However, these 11 plus mock exams are also available to book on an individual basis. 


Click below to see a selection of dates for your child to take Maths and Verbal Reasoning exam papers under exam conditions independent of the courses we offer.

Lightning 1 week Summer Course

We provide a 'one-week intensive course' each August to accelerate your child's preparation for the 11 plus exams. These courses are designed as a 'top-up' of knowledge, to help your child revise all topics as well as boosting their confidence before the exams.

Upcoming Courses & Mock Exams

11 Plus Saturday Course 2017 - 2018(Year 4 & Year 5)


From 16th September - every Saturday (ongoing)

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Lightning Course


21st - 25th August (9:30am - 3:30pm)

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Mock Exams


21st October (1:30pm - 3:30pm)

18th November (1:30pm - 3:30pm)

16th December (1:30pm - 3:30pm)

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