The 11+ Course

Find out more about the highlights of our 11+ Course below.


Teaching style

All our lessons are delivered by qualified Maths and English teachers. This is how we can guarantee the quality of teaching and learning in our classes.


Lesson structure

The 11+ Course has been carefully developed to build up students' basic knowledge of all the topics and thinking skills required to sit the SW Herts Consortium schools entrance exams.


Once the foundation is laid, students then begin to apply this knowledge to a series of timed trials. These are mini sets of questions, based on each lesson's objective, aimed at improving students' pace and accuracy of work.


Once students are confident with answering questions with good speed and accuracy, they will be stretched and introduced to more challenging and interesting questions.


This carefully developed learning journey is what will give you child the edge over other students taking the entrance exams, giving your child the best chance of succeeding.


Monthly 11 plus practice exams

Each month, students will be given a practice exam, where they will apply the skills they have gained in lessons, build up confidence and receive valuable feedback on their knowledge and progress.


As a parent, you will be able to see how your child is improving each month and will be given a detailed test analysis report. You will also be able to see how your child is doing compared to the rest of the year.


Small class sizes

As class sizes are so small (max. 12), students will be able to get all the attention and help they will need throughout the lesson, whilst feeling comfortable in a familiar classroom setting, with peers to bounce ideas off of and learn together.


Each class will also receive help from a teaching assistant, making the adult to student ratio 1:6.

Course dates and prices

The 11+ Saturdays course runs on most Saturdays throughout the year. Please click here for the full list of dates.


Prices are extremely competitive. Please click here for further details.


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