Year 4 Foundation Course

Offering 2 half-hour lessons (Maths and Literacy), our Year 4 Foundation Course is designed to strenghthen your child’s core subject knowledge, build up their confidence and give them a head start to the preparation of 11 plus exams as well as consolidate their subject knowledge at school.

Many children end up with knowledge gaps due to missed lessons at school or not understanding topics fully in class when first taught. This course will ensure your child has a full, in-depth understanding of every core topic required for the 11+ exams. Your child will also be able to largely improve working pace and accuracy, therefore hugely improving their exam scores and confidence in the subjects.

All our lessons are delivered by qualified Maths and English teachers. This is how we can guarantee the quality of teaching and learning in every class.

As well as teaching to improve your child's knowledge and ultimately test scores, we aim to develop your child's interest and satisfaction in learning about the subjects themselves. Every month, there will be an enrichment session instead of standard lessons, where fun exciting activities and challenges will unlock your child's passion and enjoyment for both subjects as they will learn through play, investigation and discovery.

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