Sample Course Materials

We are extremely proud of our 11 plus maths and verbal reasoning (literacy) course materials. All materials used by Illuminate Tuition are unique and specifically written for us. The materials are not available anywhere in shops or online.


Here is a glimpse of what your child will gain from being on our courses.

Interactive Notebooks


We are so excited about showing your child our interactive notes! We believe that the use of interactive notes as part of our 11 plus tuition courses is a unique idea of Illuminate Tuition and no other tuition centre around us are providing interactive notes... yet!


These have always been a firm favourite of young learners and we are certain they will not disappoint your child.


Every student on our course will receive a few pages of these notes every week, ready to cut and stick, so that over the course of the year, they will have built up their very own interactive notebooks for both maths and verbal reasoning (literacy)!


These notes will help your child engage with all the information they need to remember, help them with revision and boost their enjoyment of the subjects.


The notes will help consolidate your child's vocabulary, understanding of grammar, visually show your child many aspects of maths (shape and space, nets, pie charts, clocks etc.) and will be sure to be a huge benefit towards your child's 11 plus preparation as well as SATs!


(These notes are a bonus, and come for free with the 11 plus Year 4 and Year 5 Courses, alongside the classwork booklets, homework booklets and practice tests/enrichment days).


Classwork Booklets


Our classwork booklets are beautifully written and presented so that your child will receive the best quality learning materials we can offer. On the right are a few examples of the notes included with the verbal reasoning (literacy) classwork booklets (sorry, questions haven't been included, but are in the actual classwork booklets).


All materials are fully engaging and enjoyable to learn from, making your child's 11 plus preparation a wonderful experience.


For verbal reasoning (literacy), as the SW Herts Consortium School test provider has recently changed to CEM Durham, the verbal reasoning tests are now more closely connected with the Primary English National Curriculum. Your child will be tested on spelling, grammar as well as reading comprehension.


Our verbal reasoning (literacy) materials are bright, visual, and engaging, covering all areas of vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension to fully prepare your child for the 11 plus test as well as being extremely helpful for SATs revision!


Time trials


The SW Herts Consortium School 11 plus maths exams are known to be straightforward in the questions asked, but extremely competitive due to the high scores required to get into the desired schools.


A lot of extremely bright children have failed in the past to get into their most desired schools, not because they didn't have the understanding or were not able to answer the questions, but due to mistakes or running out of time towards the end.


As a way to improve your child's speed and accuracy, here at Illuminate Tuition, we have come up with an innovative method, that we believe, is unique to us.


As part of the maths classwork booklets, each week, your child will go through a series of 3 or 4 'time trials'. These are sets of 6 questions, focusing on basic knowledge learnt during the lesson. Students get given 2 minutes to complete the first set, then after going through the answers, they go on to complete the second set. They will then go through the second set of answers and repeat the process.


This innovative process, developed by Illuminate Tuition, allows students to gain instant feedback during the time trials, learn from mistakes and get a chance to immediately improve their knowledge, speed and accuracy as they are working through the time trials.


Free 11 Plus Practice Worksheets


Try our free, basic 11 plus skills practice worksheets to help your child build up 11 plus Maths and Verbal Reasoning skills to improve speed and accuracy of work, ready for our 11+ courses!


Maths: The main thing that slow many students down is the speed of their calculations, not the understanding of how to do a certain question. This is why practicing basic numeracy skills such as times tables and mental arithmetics is so important to passing 11 plus exams.


Verbal Reasoning: One of the basic skills needed in 11 plus Verbal Reasoning is the amount of vocabulary a student knows. Students need to understand the meaning of many words, be able to spell them correctly and use them correctly in sentences. Again, speed of work is key to succeeding 11 plus Verbal Reasoning exams. This is why your child needs to practice using and spelling as many words as possible to strenghthen his/her vocabulary skills.


Keep checking back for more worksheets to come!


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